Non-Governmental Organization (NGO/INGO/CSO/CBO
Application For Sector Clearance


The NGO/INGO/CSO Sector Clearance form is designed to ensure that organizations requesting clearance meet the criteria and standards set by the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection for the operation of institutions and organizations intervening for the survival, protection, and empowerment of woman, children and social protection initiatives in Liberia. Accordingly, the organization is to fill out this form and return the same before processing sector clearance requirements. 

Moreover, the Ministry, through the M&E Unit will follow up to verify all information provided on this form.

1. Organization(s) History


Section B

2. (Both International & national ) Organization Staffing & Membership Capacity


2. Services Provided

3. Financial Information

4. Partnership & Program

5. Require Documentation

Please ensure that the necessary documents and information are attached:


I/We hereby certify that the information provided herein is true and accurate to the best of my/ our knowledge and anything to the contrary may lead to denial of clearance.

IMPORTANT: Please be informed that your organization has the responsibility to provide comprehensive quarterly reports on activities carried out with emphasis on the following:

  1. Targeted counties and communities
  2. Targeted beneficiaries to be disaggregated by sex and age.
  3. Achievements
  4. Challenges
  5. Recommendations

Note also that the M&E Division is authorized to pay quarterly visitation to your organization to follow up on information provided this Ministry. In addition, the Ministry requests that you provide annual performance report.